Personal Training In Long Island (Go In Athletics)

Jeanice Cabale

Jeanice (Jay) has been a certified personal trainer and has been personal training for over 15 years in Long Island, NY. Due to her wealth of knowledge Jeanice has trained hundreds of clients. Many of her clients are still with her to this day! In 2020 she founded Go In Athletics which now provides online and in-person sessions as well as their very own athleisure wear.

What We Specialize in

  • Relationship with Food
  • Nutritional Healing/Counseling
  • One-on-One Personal Training (Strength & Conditioning, Functional Movement, College Athletes, Fat loss, Muscle Building, etc)
  • Stretching and Flexibility

Tired of the same cookie cutter plan with no results?

Your program will be 100% tailored to your needs. You are an individual, your body, your nutrition, and your hormones are different. The plan that works the best is the plan that works for you.

We are not the same, so why should your workouts, nutrition plan, or everything else be the same? Time and Time again we see plans that make no sense for people but we follow them anyway. Make sense? Not really…


Franchise gyms don’t care about your needs, they care about numbers and most of all their staffed trainers are generally not certified or qualified. You need someone that cares about your injuries, your previous diet history, your current health condition, and what you actually enjoy eating and doing! If it’s low carb, keto, Macros, Paleo, Atkins…Jay will make sure the plan suits you! Starting is the hard part…Getting results is the easy part.

So what are you waiting for? Now it’s your time. There is no time like the present time SIGN UP NOW! No client, no family, no college athlete has ever said…”Gee, I wish I never started working out…” If you are local to Long Island and want to transform yourself no need to wait any longer! In-home or zoom calls are available 7 days a week!

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