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Jumping Rope – Burn Fat Faster

Face is working out sucks sometimes. I have been there and I’m sure most of you have as well. So what am I suggesting? Jump rope! This has been the only cardio I have performed in the last year. Why? because it’s intense, burns a sh*t ton of calories, and well it’s just downright fun and exciting.

The great thing about jumping is that you can have your own style, and get this 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to running an 8-minute mile or 30 minutes of running. Imagine cutting your workout time by that much? Crazy isn’t it? To me, it does not feel like cardio because I enjoy it so much. I was just an avid jumper until I realized there were so many tricks styles and even the type of rope you used. (I have built up quite a collection since then.) I can be jumping and not even realize that an hour has passed since I am so focused on the tricks I’m learning. BUT remember to prioritize your weight training even if it is only bodyweight workouts.

Skipping Rope

Consider it your new best friend. Don’t get stuck in your same old routine, try something new. The pandemic happened and I realized I was getting stagnant. With home gyms being the in thing and gyms going back to semi-normal, throwing a jump rope in your bag can make all the difference! So after you throw your pre-workout down, don’t forget to grab your skipping rope.

Weighted Jump Rope – Better than Lifting Weights

Wow, that’s a bold statement. I’m sure many can make an argument when it comes to this, Me personally I would not cut out weights 100% even if that means incorporating bodyweight movements. Muscle is what gives us that defined look, raises our metabolism, and well makes us strong,

I think maybe during a deload week, or to switch things up using weighted ropes is a great way to shock the body. I personally use a heavy rope at least once a week. I like to be versatile in all different ropes. The last thing you want is to be great in one rope and horrible in the others, BUT, establish your own style. Try and switch up your ropes as much as you can and your routines as well. If you are looking for a custom routine please feel free to email me here.

Here are some of the weight jump ropes I recommend.

The Beast Heavy Rope – Punk Rope

RX Smart Gear Heavy Ropes

Elite SRS – Muy Thai Rope

All different companies and all different feels, see which one you like the best! To be honest there are some weeks I like using the weighted skipping rope all day and other weeks I work just on speed. It’s all up to you! Like I stated above don’t get reliant on one rope. Don’t get me wrong don’t go out and get 100 ropes (unless you can afford it.) I have a plethora of ropes, some great some not so great.

Speed Rope – Increase your Speed Faster than Light

Although not my forte and rightfully so. I am far from a cross fitter. I’m sure you have seen many articles on speed ropes and what speed ropes actually are. The name says it all. Speed ropes are light in weight and are made to be fast. It consists of a thin cord that is most likely vinyl and should be used indoors or on a jump rope mat. Use this enough on pavement and concrete and be prepared for your rope to fray.

These ropes are a dream to most cross fitters or anyone who is trying to get an immense amount of double unders. Although not for me, I suggest these to anyone who is trying to increase their speed. Epitome has great rope for beginners which is screw-free and has a self-locking mechanism. If you are more on the advanced side, I suggest going over to RX smart gear and check out some of their amazing ropes.

Your Best Jump Rope

I have my top picks and I’d like to share them, these vary from person to person, I like to share which jump ropes I think are the best and what I use them for. I also will throw in some of the most popular ones for your viewing pleasure.

Punk Rope

I like to call this rope my “boxing rope” or my everyday rope. This rope I use primarily for my training routines. This rope I like to perform my double unders, running crossovers, footwork, double unders with a cross, etc. I keep this rope longer than my other ropes. This is about an inch over my shoulder, which provides just enough extra ropes to perform your crosses fluidly.

Buy Jump Ropes

I LOVE this company! I have many ropes from them. PVC and beaded have their benefits! BUT we can go into that another time. You can use these ropes for overall fitness as well but I like to use these ropes for my freestyle jumping and tricks. The beaded rope is especially great for tricks as the feedback is greater due to the weight. I have to admit I was not a big fan of the beaded ropes until recently, BUT I have grown to love them.

The Cross Rope

This rope has hit the masses in a big way. I have to be honest, I have never used it because it is not my style. They do have an amazing following and I have heard nothing about great reviews about this rope. This is a great beginner rope! well made and has a fast-clip connection system that lets you switch between different weighted ropes. The only con I can see here is the price. Cross ropes start off at a whopping $99.00 for their get lean set. From all the reviews I have read, I think it’s worth it.

Smart Rope

People who love tracking will LOVE this rope. A rope like this is great for general fitness If you are not looking to do any tricks of any sort. This is very much an “influencer” type of rope or something that you would see as the “hot new item”. This rope is not something I would use. BUT with 4.5 out of 5 stars, it’s doing something right.

In Conclusion

Jumping or skipping rope can be one of the most amazing workouts one can ever ask for! Switching up your routine can be scary, BUT can benefit you greatly. Take your time and research what works best for you. With skipping rope there are soooo many options, I guarantee this is one of the most fun things you will ever come across. If you need anything please feel free to email me here.

Stay safe

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