Muscle Building, Fat loss and overall feeling of well being.

One on One Personal Training

Get the attention you need with one on one personal training. Have Jeanice guide you through intense 30 or 60-minute workouts that consist of heavy compound movements, intervals, fat loss and muscle building combos and more!

Nutritional Guidance/Counseling

Don’t know what to eat? Is fat loss your goal? gain muscle? Have a bad relationship with food? All above the above? Maybe you just need to digest better? Jeanice will guide you through a step by step program that will allow you to eat all the foods you love! If counting calories is not for you, guess what? We don’t have to. Paleo, keto, vegan? Yeah we love animals too. It can all be utilized. The important thing is that we get started and find what you enjoy and what works for your body.

Cardio/Weight Training Protocol

Cardio should not be torture, exercising should not be torture. You should enjoy what you do AND have FUN Doing it! Fat loss is more likely to happen when you enjoy your activities! MOVEMENT and muscle building is what we will focus on. Movement that promotes fat loss and a stronger body at the same time.

Supplementation Guidance

Vitamin D, Fish Oil sound familiar? Yeah! We only stick with the basics…FOOD is KEY! Movement is KEY! Stick with what works and you will go far.

24 Hour Text/Email Support

Need me? You got me around the clock contact so we can make sure your goals are on track!
I want to always make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. Showing up is half the battle, with determination, heart, and knowing you CAN do this goes a long way. Take can’t out of your vocabulary because you CAN!