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The Ultimate 30 Day Plank Challenge

Plank for 30 Days

Quarantine is still in effect and people are starting to get bored of being home and even worse, tired of their workout! So what can you do to change that ever so boring workout/training routine of yours? CHANGE. Oh, Did I say that already? This 30-day plank challenge can be added to your workout routine or the start of a great one!

So how do we begin? Just starting doing a 1-minute plank every day! And as time goes by, maybe you can add another minute, then another minute, then so on and so on. You get the picture.

I must admit the first week and maybe even the second was quite challenging. I noticed right after the thirty-second mark my body started to shake. I was never a huge fan when it came to ab workouts. I was the person who deadlifted and squatted all year. To me, that is what engaged my abdominal muscles. but we will cover that later. Let’s start this challenge!

Plank Challenges

You have probably seen many challenges over the last few weeks, months, years, etc. Let’s start slow. Get yourself ready for a challenge! If you are someone new to planking, take your time. It took me almost a full month to stop shaking when I did the plank. You may need a mat if you are doing your plank on hardwood floor, if you are on the carpet you should be ready to go! Although the plank seems like an easy exercise it’s far from it!

If this amazing exercise is done with proper form you will work on more than your abdominal muscles. You’ll get a heart-pumping (believe it or not, full-body workout), and the longer you hold it the more intense it gets! So before we get into form let’s start this challenge with a one-minute plank every single day for 30 days!. Who’s ready? I am!

Proper Plank (How to)

There are two types of planks, the general plank that most people refer to is when your forearms are on the ground, then there is the so-called high plank that is done with your palms flat on the ground.

It is now time to get into plank position. To get the most bang for your buck so to speak with these planks, I cannot stress form enough. You must learn to plank properly. When form is your main goal it ensures you are engaging all your muscles. Besides your core, you will be working your lower back glutes, shoulders, and arms! Who doesn’t want to reap all the benefits of a plank? Then get your form right!

It’s time to get yourself all set up. Lie your mat down or position yourself on your floor or carpet. I start first by placing my forearms on the carpet making sure they are aligned with my shoulders. From there I walk my feet back engaging my core making sure I am on my toes and am in a straight line. You can keep your fist open or closed whichever way feels more comfortable. A few seconds in you will start to feel your whole body engaged, working that awesome physique of yours :).

Here are some pointers to keep in my mind:

  1. Always remember to breathe – Breathing can provide a sense of clarity and something to focus on other than the plank.
  2. Place your focus somewhere, It will make your plank a lot easier. I suggest looking down so you do not strain your neck. If you must look up or around that is fine too.
  3. Make sure to keep squeezing your core and keep your weight evenly distributed, so you feel all your muscles working. Like stated this can be an overall great full-body exercise.
  4. Keep your hips leveled. The great thing about planks is that it puts less stress on your hip flexors and spine! Making it highly recommended over crunches and or sit-ups by experts.

By the time you know it! 30 days of planks will be over. Crazy right?

Planks for Beginners

For more beginner to intermediate: I suggest a high plank

Since we got the challenge down let’s get into your fitness level. Are you a beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Super Advanced? If the traditional plank is too difficult (which it won’t be forever) don’t fret. I suggest to my clients to start with a wall plank (which is basically a plank, just leaning against the wall)

For more Beginner/intermediate: I suggest a high plank

High Plank is good for beginner or intermediate

For Advanced: I suggest the regular/standard plank

For Advanced: I suggest the regular/standard plank

Plank for Abs Routine

Depending on how you set up your day and what your goals are, there is always time to add a plank in or plank variations. I like to do my plank early in the day directly after or before my workout. I tend to do the general plank daily or every other day depending on my goals. But of course, this is highly dependant on you. A lot of people like to do it before or early in the workout so their energy is high.

Below are some plank variations.

Other 30 Day Plank Challenges

1. 5 Minute Plank Challenge

Let’s kick it into overdrive! Are you ready? There are many variations to this challenge. You can do an actual plank or high plank straight for 5 minutes. You can Do five 1 minute planks during the course of the day or do different styles of planks for different times equaling 5 minutes. Makes sense? Below are a few 30-day plank challenges you can follow:

Plank Challenge 1

Side Plank (Left): 1 Minute
Side Plank (Right): 1 Minute
Regular Plank: 1 Minute
High Plank: 1 Minute
Side Plank (Left): 30 Seconds
Side Plank (Right): 30 Seconds

Plank Challenge 2

1 Minute High Plank
1 Minute Regular Plank
1 Minute High Plank
1 Minute Regular Plank
1 Minute High Plank

Plank Challenge 3

1 Minute High Plank
1 Minute Regular Plank
1 Minute Pushups
1 Minute Regular Plank
1 Minute Pushups

Plank it Up!

Now that we got that settled. Are you ready for the 30 day plank challenge? For more info on the 30-day plank challenge or a custom plan. Contact Jay here for more info.

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